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How many Android powered devices do you own?


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Sep 14, 2011
Atlanta, GA
So.. im curious, how many Android powered devices do you guys own and what are they?

Currently, I own 2 Android phones.. the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, and the LG Optimus M from MetroPCS. Both are running on Froyo.

I am planning to get the 7 inch Galaxy Tab (WiFi Only), since it's just perfect for me.. not too big to make it feel uncomfortable and not to small and the price is right.
I have the atrix 4g, and the captivate .. well technically the captivate is bricked but you get the point.

If I would have counted two of my old bricked Android phones then I'd have 4 devices, you don't see me doing that because "technically" speaking they don't work so I don't count them as working devices that I own ;)
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Actually there exist a market for used Android devices. For the telcos in my country, they have a trade-in concept where you trade-in your old ones for some rebate off the cost of a new phone.

Nokia was prevalent in developing countries cuz most developed countries users trade-in or sell to those middle-men who re-furbish and then shipped them off to developing countries and sell cheap. Never under-estimate the developing countries market. There is enormous appetite for re-furbished cuz they can get it cheap and still can enjoy what the phone provided features.
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2 Samsung Epic 4G's in my household
1 Samsung Epic 4G touch (mine)
1 Samsung Moment (retired, laying in a drawer somewhere)
1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (mine)

Total: 5

Why so many Epic's? A big fan of the Epic 4G phones?

Just a bit. Lol. My brother and his wife each have an incredible too. They just don't live in the house.

Lol. Still.. 7 android devices is ALOT. Its like your whole entire family has an Android. You should buy one for your pet :p (Guessing you have one)
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