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How many of you have already preordered?

That does suck about the $20 fee. I stopped when it had an estimated ship date of the 25th! Unless that's inaccurate you'd get it faster by going to the store. Realistically, I don't expect them to sell out at stores with the bad press the playstation brand has gotten lately. But who knows!
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I'm pretty sure there was a point that they said it was free overnight shipping, so theoretically it would arrive the same day that the stores have it. There's only one "real" Verizon Wireless store around me, and every time I've gone there it has been almost an hour wait. That, and because of work and visiting my son, I wouldn't be able to make it there on the 26th regardless...
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I'm waiting for a good deal, like $50 off at amazon or other site. For example, SEUSA facebook just posted this https://www.newxperiaplay.com which gets a free docking station.

I ordered a docking station when I placed my preorder... It is nearly hopeless, but once it arrives I may call Verizon and see if they will honor the same deal.
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