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How many widgets is too many?

How many widgets do you have on your home screens... Im using ADW launcher now (just started) and im hoping it will run my 14 widgets on 5 screens :) Helix 2 couldnt handle the pressure :p

How many do you guys have running at one time?

Hmm never thought of that, I have

Screen 1: EnGadget, News Widget, Audio Manager, Scoreboard

Screen 2: Beautiful Home Large, Earth Rotation Live Wallpaper (Not quite a widget, but it updates regularly like a widget so I'll include it)

Screen 3: Power Toggle, SetCPU, CacheMate, Titanium Backup, Pure Messenger

So, 11 on my end and my droid handles it smoothly, running at 900 MHz. Battery life is great too with profiles.
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Home - Beautiful Widgets (Beautiful Home)
Left - Power control, TasKiller widget-(just to see available memory), BatteryLife, CacheMate, LEDs Hack and MotoTorch
Right - Pandora, Music, YouTube
Top - Calendar
Bottom - Weather Channel, News and Weather Genie, 3Banana, and 9 RSS widgets.

This setup is running smooth and fast for me:
NexBeast V1.0
P3Droid 1.2GHz
Sweeter Home 2 - SweeterHome - Start - sweeterhome.com
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-2: SMS Unread count, Gmail unread count, youtube, astrid tasks
-1: My Days Mini
0: all widgets: power control, info widget, smooth calendar, music (stock music player)
1: none (game apps screen)
2: Google search, FB

So 11 widgets, running on HelixLauncher 2...which has some issues with maintaining widgets...FC a few times :( I only use 5...7 home screens are just way too many!! lol
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lol alot of you run the same as me lol

HOME: Beautiful Widgets (Smaller home), Messenger Widget (love it) K9 Email widget, BW Vibrate, BW Silent

NEWS: Engadget (worst widget known to man), News, Weather Channel, Titanium Backup, Set CPU

OTHERS: Facebook, Music, Calender, Picture Frame

Ive been running ADW on BBV1.0 OC to 1ghz and its running great
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On my Galaxy (running stock JC6 rom) I have:
Left: No widgets, but 12 shortcuts to Apps Organiser categories (I almost never use the apps drawer).
Home: CalWidget, JuicePlotter
Right: stock Power Control, MomentFlash, Toggle APN from Juice Defender
... so 5 widgets (and 12 shortcuts) total, and my phone is lagging all over the place - not just in Home but in all apps, all the time (going back to Home easily inludes 5-10 seconds of black screen and maybe a Force Close notice). This ROM is getting replaced tomorrow, when I'm again near my USB cable!

[Edit: It seems that JuicePlotter was the speed culprit. Once that was disabled, everything flowed nicely again.]
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