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How migrate Samsung -> Oppo ?

From ages I had Samung but I want change to Oppo.
How do it? Exist Oppo clone phone application. It is enough or Syncios ? But i cant find syncios in Google market. How migrate Google notes?
Syncios is not an android app. it is a pc or mac program that you can use with your android phone hooked up to. never heard of it so i can't say how well it works. oppo might have some kind of utility program that can do this, but i'm not sure.

samsung has a really good one, but it mainly works with other samsung phones.

google notes? do you mean google keep? you just need to sign in with your google account and your notes should be in google keep.
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I mean samsung notes. Syncios problems: it cost 30 usd and is only for win and mac but i prefer Linux. I have Windows on very poor laptop only.
On Samsung notes you can opt to allow you to sync with a Samsung account. You can then sign in to Samsung on your new phone and as along as Samsung notes is available for your phone you should be able to get it to sync your notes.

Or you can save the note as a file and move them to your new phone.

Can't you setup a virtual Windows within Linux and run the program that way? Sunny know too much about Linux to help out with that.
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