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How much internal space available.

So it has 16GB of internal flash (SD), and I know that 4GB is supposed to be for the system to store applications. That should leave 12GB, but only 8GB show up. Anyone have more that 8GB showing up?

Mind you, I'm not complaining about it as I have a 32GB microSD card installed, but I was expecting to see 12GB free/total.
This has been discussed in a different thread.

16 GB formatted gives you about 14.8GB. out of that 8GB is for user data, 4GB for applications, the remaining 2.8GB is used to store the OS and webtop. (Keep in mind the OS and all those included applications needs to be stored somewhere)

16 decimal gigabytes (the way disk media are advertised) is the same as 14.9 binary gigabytes (the way internal memory is normally measured). Formatting loss is tiny, and there is no missing gigabyte -- see this explanation.
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