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How to Authorize Amazon Alexa to Run Scheduled Routines?


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Sep 4, 2013
I am trying Amazon Alexa on a Google Pixel 6 and like it so far. I can schedule routines that run off Amazon's cloud servers to do tasks like change the colors of certain lights at different times of day. That works great. My problem is when I want to run a background routine on the phone something in the Android security model seems to be preventing that. For example, I want a specific song to play on the phone at a specific time. Alexa's activity log says that happened. But I never heard any song, and there was no application notification about any problem running the routine.

Are there specific permissions I need to give to the Amazon Alexa app in order for it to be able to play a song at a particular time of day, when it is starting as a background task on the phone?
never used alexa really. nor google assistant. but which music player does alexa use to play songs? play music or prime music? check their permissions, if it is one of those.

The music is being played on Amazon Music, but that service appears to be integrated directly into the Amazon Alexa app. I tried adding some permissions to the Amazon Music app, but that did not change the result.
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