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Help How to deactivate the EVO V?

Palmetto Fellow

Android Expert
Sep 24, 2010
I am still not 100% certain what I'll be doing with my EVO V now that I've got a Galaxy S3. Part of me wants to keep it as a spare phone in case something <gulp> happens to my S3 :(

But the other part of me wants to sell it and recover the money while I can before the value drops too much.

So let's assume I am going to sell this phone. How do I erase all traces of my ownership from it? Will the RUU do that? Or will my account info linger in the EPST menu that needs the MSL code to access?

When I go into Phone Identity under settings, I see my phone number and username in the menu. I'd like to get this out of there if possible before selling it to another person. Is this possible, or will that information remain until it's activated by another. Are there any implications to deleting this info?

Will anyone have an issue activating my phone? Is there something I need to do in order for them to be able to activate it? I recall having a problem with my first EVO V. I turned it on before I activated it and that caused some crazy stuff to happen. If I do happen to delete my info from the phone, will something weird happen if I turn it on again before someone else activates it?
To be honest I would just keep it as a spare. It's not worth it to sell now, unless you can get more than 100 for it.

If you want to erase all data just run the ruu, how many times do we have to say this word. :)

I didn't realize the ruu deleted activation info as well. I thought about keeping it as a spare but figured I'd rush out and buy a cheap VM phone in the event of an emergency.

I definitely don't need to accumulate unused phones. I have an og evo being used as just an alarm clock. My evo v could get demoted to 3d camera I suppose, though I never cared much about this function.
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