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How to delete vzw contacts from sim

Under my settings it says SIM (0). I do have the vzw numbers but they r on the Google server and I have the option to delete them. I used to have them as pictured in the link above. Weird cuz I never did anything to remove them. So I guess it can be done, I just dont know how. Im gonna play with it...

Had to get a new SIM card from Verizon on Saturday..for whatever reason I was not getting service they swapped the SIM card and all is good..anyway.. I asked if those contacts could be removed or hidden and the answer was NO..The rep suggested to rename them with something beginining with a "Z" so they would be at the end of the list...however when I got home to try this all the contacts are not able to be editited..so I guess we are stuck with them.
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Is there any way to delete vzw contacts like #bal, #data, #min from the rezound sim card???

Contact Remover Plus appears to have done it.
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Could be. Then again you might not want to delete them because today I've been getting an error message: the process com.android.phone has stopped working - wait or close. Eventually my phone rebooted to a black screen of death. All it showed was my notification bar which I could pull down but there were no active processes. I could access my quick settings (running ICS) but if I click on the settings gear the phone would go black again. Then it rebooted on it's own again but this time everything came back.
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The SIM card used in the Rezound is not a "true" SIM card. It may or may not store contact and other information, but it does not allow you to move your phone number to a different phone like "real" SIM cards are meant to do. For the Rezound, it is used simply to enable 4G LTE.

If you switch your Rezound to another number, even one that was also on a Rezound, you will have to get a new SIM card from VZW. If you upgrade to a newer LTE phone (which all use different-sized, "real" SIM cards), VZW will include a new SIM card. Want to return the new device and go back to your Rezound - you will need a new Rezound SIM card from VZW. You cannot even use the old Rezound SIM card since VZW permanently deactivates them whenever there is a switch.

Once you upgrade to a newer phone, like the Incredible 4G, Galaxy S III or DROID RAZR M (just got mine), you can switch between other newer phones that use the "real" SIM card, just by inserting the card.
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