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how to enable full screen mode for certain apps in Galaxy Tab S6 (Android 9)?


Feb 15, 2021
Is there any option in the Settings (Galaxy Tab S6 - Android 9) to enable full screen mode (hiding status bar and navigation bar) for certain apps? I can not imagine that this device lacks of this customization.

What third-party app do you recommend for this purpose?
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You mean ADW Launcher? I'm happy with the Samsung built-in One UI but only this lacking full screen mode. Any other useful apps without needing to replace the default One UI?
really? i never liked One UI. i have always used Nova as my launcher.....been using it since almost day one of android. nothing beats its customization and they all these cool effects when you scroll or when you switch windows or apps.
I'm giving it a try. I will update here.

definitely give both Nova and ADW a try. both i think are great. but i'm more biased to Nova then anything else. now keep in mind to unlock most of the cool features, you have to buy the prime key ( i think it is like $2 or something like that), but it is a one time fee.
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To be fair, you do not have to replace your launcher.

You can have more than one launcher on a device.

So, you can have whatever launcher you like as 'home', then select the other launcher from your app drawer.
Use this launcher to open the apps you desire the full screen with.

See, sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it, too!
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