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Root how to install a new rom?


Feb 22, 2010
I know this may seem elementary to some ppl, but I thought I would ask for other noobs like me.

I want to install a different ROM, I have 5.4 villan and want to try something new... what are the steps that I need to take?

I hear a lot of ppl saying "needs a full wipe", what exactly is that ? and what do i need to do?

I'm currently looking at the threat "how to root + install custom rom" where should I start since I've already Rooted my phone?

one more question.. is Modaco a step down from villan 5.4? I realize that it's based on 1.5... but will I miss anything HUGE? liike the market place or bluetooth?

All i really want is a fast ROM where I can text and browse with no lags
If you are making a small step, for instance from Villain 5.4 to 5.5 you generally don't need to wipe although some claim to have better results if you do. If you are changing to a completely different ROM then you need to boot into recovery (hold Home and Power on) and first make a Nandriod backup (it's good practice to do this every time before installing a new ROM. Then go into Wipe and click through each wipe option. You're then good to apply the update.zip of the new ROM you want to install. FYI it'll take a long time to boot the first time.

Regarding going to MoDaCo 3.2 you will be back on Android 1.5 and will lose Bluetooth (accept for voice) and will have the old Market and old Maps. You will not be able to run any 1.6+ only apps. Although MoDaCo is much faster than stock 1.5 I've found the 2.1 ROMs to be even quicker.
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