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Help How to install custom theme for LPP?

Perhaps I'm missing something, but at this site [THEME|MOD] 10.20.10 signals23 LauncherPro widgets - xda-developers - there's a great theme for LPP I'd like to use.

First post looks like I just download something, then the tutorial looks like I'm entering code via an APK tool?

Can someone tell me the easiest way to use the modded themes in the link with LPP?


You should just be able to install the .apk from your SD card....
1. Remove any previously installed version of LP. Make a backup of your LP settings if you like. They can be restored once the themed version is installed
2. Put the themed version of LP (.apk) on the root of your SD card
3. Use an app installer to install

Here is a link for an app installer if you like...Fast App Install - Android app on AppBrain

Hope this helps!
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Go in through your file manager in the app drawer (files, file manager, astro or what ever you have) and click on the file. You should be able to install from there. Don't browse the file if it asks, just open the app manager and select install.

Just to make sure, you have the original Launcher Pro uninstalled as of now, right? Have you purchased the plus code, cause you are going to need that once the theme installs?
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Yes, yes, and yes. I am using a DroidX 2.2. I have the LPP plus code. It is currently uninstalled. The .apk file (above) is on my root directory of the sdcard. I've selected my file manager - navigated to it and clicked on it. It prompts me to unzip it? If I use the fast app installer, it doesn't show up or simply navigates to the subdirectory contained within the zip file.
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Just did it. Navigated via Astro to the .apk mentioned. It did the same thing - opened it to the contents which are 2 folders and 3 files.

When you do this ^ and tap it, a popup should appear with 2 options.
Should say...
Application File
Browse File
Open App Manager

You should be selecting Open App Manager and it should take you to a summary screen where you can select install.

I take it that is not happening?
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