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Help how to install tamil font

Glad the problem is solved but... what is Tamil font and why do we need it? :D


Tamil is one of the eldest/ancient language in the world. It has official status in 4 countries and spoken in 10+ countries with remarkable minorities. Refer Wiki for details.

To get more number of users, we need to have Tamil language support.

Moreover, the problem is not fully solved. Only in opera, we can visit the Tamil language website as a image and not anywhere in android phone.
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Please try to help me to get a Tamil font in my new Galaxy Wonder mobile... . If you can give me your contact no. I will contact you.Thank you for your help.

Have a great day....

Hi Guys,

I got the solution to read tamil sites in our Android phones after so many days of search in internet.

Install Opera mini.
In the browser address bar, type in “opera:config” (without the quotes) and then go. This will take you to the opera settings page.
Find the option that says “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” . The default is “no” for this option. Change this option to “Yes” and click save.
Once this is done. u can read the tamil fonts in the browser.

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