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How to manually transfer application data i can pay for help

Hello. I have a problem. I am using the MEMU emulation program. On it I have an application with important data and I forgot the password for it. I can log in automatically from the emulator. I would like to transfer this application to my physical phone. I tried by google copy but something doesn't go. Please help me manually transfer files etc. to the other phone.
I can pay for help with eth or btc ;)
For some reasons, it is impossible to recover the password (it's a banking apk). So I have to download this application on a physical phone and transfer some data from MEMU?

If it's a banking app, those are usually made to be very secure against bypassing and hacking the security, like the passwords.

Maybe try contacting the financial institution concerned, and see if they can suggest anything?

Is it a bitcoin wallet or something you want to transfer to another device , this "important data"?
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