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Help How to restore deleted videos?


Jul 21, 2013
Hi and good day to you all.
I recently transferred some videos from my xpz to my pc, then when completed i deleted them from my xpz gallery.
When i tried to play them back it seems that 2 fairly important ones didnt copy so well - they play until a certain point then stop and i get the unplayable error from windows.
I have tried recuva to no avail as it doesn't recognise my xpz. and have found a few paid tools that claim to work but they are expensive!
Anyone know how to recover my videos please?:thinking:
Thanks for this ^

It now shows D/ drive, but when i try to open it or recuva from it it says 'please insert disk'

Also, when i changed that option it showed a message on my xpz saying that only memory card can be used for mass storage; and I have no memory card, the videos i want back are stored on my xpz internal memory. (perhaps i should of mentioned this in op, sorry)

So anyway of recovering them from internal memory?

Thanks again for help so far
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