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Root How to Root EVO with MacBook? *HELP*!!


Feb 12, 2011
Guys, complete noob here.


I want to root my evo, but the only videos I have seen are for using windows. I really don't know hardly anything about how root works, its capabilities or anything. I need A COMPLETE RUN DOWN on how to root, back up everything, get new stuff on my phone, and if there is any way to unroot incase I had to send it to the manufacturer for some reason. Youtube videos seem to work best for me because I can visualize what the people are doing instead of just reading so much stuff. If any of you know of any tutorial videos for doing this with a mac, send it to me. Or if any of you are nice enough to make a video, I will be your best friend forever!!

Welcome to the forums :). Have you actually tried anything yet, or have you just been viewing some videos? I don't have a mac, so I can't exactly make a video for you, but I can give you some advice.

1) Read the Rooting for Dummies sticky in this section. I know you'd rather watch videos, and that's fine, but when you have root, you need to get used to reading :). Every one of your questions is answered in that thread. If you're still confused about anything, after having read that, please ask.
2) Rooting on a Mac using unrevoked is almost the same as windows, but it's actually easier. Just skip the part where you install the modified hboot drivers. That's only necessary for Windows users. That being said, most videos should be the same (assuming they're recent), just skip past the hboot drivers part.

Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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I agree, read the rooting for dummies section thru out. As a mac rooter myself, I can say I was in your shoes . When I was finally ready to take the root plunge, I was pleasantly surprised. With unrevolked, download the mac version..... go to your evo's menu, select apps, development and then usb debugging.
Plug your evo into your mac and launch unrevolked ... the surprise?
watch on your mac as it does the entire rooting process for you. Nothing to do but enjoy when it says that its done... take about 2 minutes, maybe 3
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Ive got a mac as well and have done it a few times. Its really simple..no need to download drivers; dragging and dropping things on the sd card is quick and easy... Just follow the instructions in that sticky thread on the top of the list, and what the other posters have said. If you need any help, just ask here, im always in and out and will be glad to help you.

Hope it all goes smooth...
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