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Root How to ROOT LG G4 on a mac? HELP


Jan 15, 2016
Hello people,

I am having a problem finding any really comprehensive guide to rooting my LG G4 on my macbook air.

All guides im looking at online say that in order to root on a mac i must install windows either thru a partition or parallels desktop. I am wondering if there are any other options.

I have never rooted a device before and I have had the original htc one and then the m8. this is my first shot at complete freedom on my device. thanks for the help. The most ideal situtation would be some sort of auto-root application that could root the same way some jailbreak software works. the few prorgrammes i found looked like scams -- so im assuming it will be harder than that -- I am a full noob at this and would appreciate any and all help. sorry about clogging up the board if this has already been asked before -- i havent been able to find any comprehnsive guide.

I have the LG G4 international version
Model Number; LG-H815
Android version; 5.1

Please let me know if there is any other information you guys need from me which might relevant in giving me guidace.

thanks a lot

- dheeraj
Thanks so much

On the second link it talks about using a PC in the first step so I dont think it will work for me.

But on the first link you gave me there is a guide on how to root using SuperSU (http://www.naldotech.com/how-to-root-lg-g4-h815-using-supersu/). In the first step it says "You also need to have a custom recovery and an unlocked bootloader, otherwise this method will not work" but on the link it gives for installing the TWRP recovery (http://www.naldotech.com/install-twrp-recovery-on-lg-g4-international-variant/) the instructions says "Both the methods below require root access. If no root access is granted, TWRP will not be installed." -- i am kind of confused here -- this question is addressed in the comments section but the commenters resolved the problem by a method of installing the TWRP recovery using a PC.

Any advise on how what i can do from here?

thanks for the help
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