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How to set up Video VoiceMessage on Verizon Nexus?


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May 4, 2010
I pay extra $3 for the Verizon video voice message, its just convenient to have it and being able to see right away who left you a message when they left it for you and how long is the message. However, I cannot find a setting on my newly acquired Nexus to set up my Video Messaging.
Any help?
Do you mean visual voicemail? I checked the market and the official Verizon app clearly states that its not compatible with the Nexus. I imagine an update will be out soon.

Yes, sorry, you right, visual voicemail. So it is not available? That is strange, I don't believe I had to load VV from the market on any of my Android phones DIN, RAZR, for some reason the phones already had this feature as long as I activated it.
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