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How to set Youtube high quality(perm)?

At the moment the native youtube app that ships with Android 2.0 doesn't allow you to do that.

When you are using 3G, the youtube app will stream in normal quality.
When you are using WiFi, the youtube app however will switch to High Quality by default.

If you want this kind of option you have to download some kind of 3rd party youtube app from the market :)
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Funny how a simple question mark can make all the difference huh? ;)

Thread titile got me again with the bump :(

Was about to post a thread on this then saw this thread. I hate bragging about my $600 phones HHHYYYUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE Screen but not having wifi to really show it off in youtube.....grrr...some videos flat out blow when streaming over 3G....

You can manually set it to high quality on 3G, you know?
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After a few searches on the forum couldn't find any other big threads on this. It's now a few months later (sorry bump), has anyone found an app that would just automatically do this? I do a search for YouTube on the market and I get a million different lyric apps. Is this something that's being addressed? I imagine it isn't as it would cost verizon more bandwidth and more money, so they probably don't mind that it's a HUGE hassle to put videos in high quality, after pressing the three different buttons per video, I then have to wait for the video to now reload.
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