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Help how to unmerge google contacts?

maybe there is an confusion about "joining" and "merging" contacts.
When I join contacts I easily can unjoin(separate) them but once a contact is merged ( f.e. with google) then i cannot "Unmerge" it. there is no option for this. It makes sense because merge actually means make one out of two or more. Join means build a group inside a contact. So I think once you merged your contacts then you can't undo that.
hope this helps
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I did same and have little g as (google Icon) near every contact.

There is contacts.google.com page where you can administer your conctacts. I just go to More>Restore contacts...

This will open dialog with this explanation:

"You can restore your contact list to the state it was in at any point within the past 30 days. This is a great way to recover deleted contacts, undo an import, or undo a merge."

Before restore contact backup your contact list on your phone (to .vcf file) as I did on my Samsung Galaxy SII...

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