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Help How to use bluetooth

Ok. I think I found the answer. Put a voice dialer app on the phone like vlingo and all you have to do is push the camera button and then use your voice commands.

But what about answering the DI? Can I just push the button on the bluetooth headset? (I will probably find the answer to this too)

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Thanks Sorbert.

This is one of the things I hated about the Moto Droid and was disappointed to find voice activated bluetooth dialing missing from the Incredible as well.

Someone in other forums had said the feature was coming with 2.1 on the Moto Droid but of course that wasn't the case.

The Nexus One is also missing this feature.

I thought this was an Android wide missing feature, but one of my friends with the G1 Android swears he can voice bluetooth dial and has always been able to.
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