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Howdy from Texas!

Now that I'm passed the obnoxious spam guard and can type an introductory paragraph that does not rival that of a fifth grader (y'all should give examples of the 'keywords' that trigger your spam guard nonsense)...

Howdy folks!

My name is James, and I live in McKinney, Texas. I've owned my Galaxy Nexus since its December release date of last year. I'm 22-years young, and furthering my education as I pursue my Master's in Business Administration. I work as an Appliance Sales Specialist at Lowe's. Given these circumstances, I'm also gifted enough to still live at home with virutally no bills to pay.

I look forward to visiting these forums in search for help, advice, and tips, as well as being able to contribute some of my own!
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Welcome to AndroidForums James! :D

Take a complimentary e-Muffin! :)
Enjoy the Forums. :D :thumbup:

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