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Help HTC Calendar can't add events


Feb 9, 2011
I have had my desire HD a while now however, the most anoying thing I have found is the calendar. I haven't got it set up with any other calendars i.e. google calendar, yet everytime I add a event it brings up the screen I then load in the detail press save and it comes up with a box saying loading calendars. After 2-3 minutes of waiting the calendar crashes and I reload it and it their is still no event. This is driving me crazy seeing as it is how I organise my life!
Any help?
Thank you D-U-R-X. But I tried another one and it didn't work. I think they all might rely on the stock calendar.

Anyway, I managed to solve this by clearing all calendar data but in the process created another problem which is that all the events (bank holidays, Christmas etc.) that were included by default have now disappeared!

Anyone know how to resync it with the google calendar?

No worries, I found it. Everything is fine again :)
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Sure. Solved the initial problem by going to Settings>Applications>Manage applications>Calendar Storage>Clear data.

This solved the problem of not being able to add events but had the side effect of actually clearing all events from my calendar which had previously been there.

I restored all the events by syncing back to Google Calendar through Settings>Accounts & sync>Google> make sure Sync Calendar is ticked and then press Sync now.

I should just add that the OP actually wasn't synced with any calendars in the first place so in his case I would guess he should actually sync with a calendar (say Google) BEFORE clearing data as well as after to avoid losing all his events.
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