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Help Htc desire c, viber issues

My Viber keeps crashing after 30 seconds, i do not know why but it's really frustrating. Last two days, it was working perfectly , im using 3G btw .
If someone can help me that would be great

Thank you <3

I have never got viber to work on my HTC Desire C. I can text on it but if I try to make a call to another viber user who I know is waiting for the call, I just get a series of beeps. Sometimes they can ring me and I hear them for a few second but it is gone before I can answer. I have tried wifi near the router with strong signal and I tried on 3G network with the same result.

My recipient regularly uses viber to talk to others, so I presume no problem that end.

I've uninstalled and re-installed viber it is the same. Skype works fine on the phone, unfortunately the person I wish to talk most to has reasons not to use Skype.

Can anyone help, please?
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