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Help htc desire s touchscreen issue

billy whizz

Oct 29, 2010
Hi just replaced the digitizer on my htc desire s as it was cracked...all went well, however i noticed that sometimes the touchscteen dosent work...seems to have a mind of its own, fails to respond to my touches...sometimes the phone vibrates as if the screen jas been touched...somtimes i need to close the fone and open it up again as the fone screen doesnt respond...the phone automatically starts to take screen capture pics on its own..any ideas wots wrong..?...bought replacemnt digitiser from ebay...phone was working perfectly before even with a cracked.digitiser...may possibly be a sub standard digitizer that i bought from ebay
Some many fake parts flood in ebay.. the digitizer you bought may not be a real OEM one thus sometimes it can't respond to your touch. You should buy the parts from trustworthy website. I've once bought a desire digitizer from this site and it works perfectly well untill now. Though the price is a little higher than that on ebay, the quality is great. I think it worth a try.
can you pm the link as it doesnt work..
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