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Help htc desire sound problem when recording


May 18, 2010

i bougth htc desire 2 weeks ago and i have a problem.when i am recording a video,picture is great but sound is terible.ok it was metallica concert :D but still my friend was recording right next to me on his phone (not htc) and his sound is perfect(as perfect it can be on a concert).even when i am recording in normal circumstances its not clear sound.so is it only my phones technical fault or is htc microphone so terible?and do i maybe need to check it in the settings?

I'm amazed how this aspect gets no real attention. It's been a real hassle since I got the phone in April. Everyone was raving about it, yet I couldn't use it for video recording at all - quality totally abysmal.

It is really terrible, sound recording in video is much worse than my (now my son's) SE C902 phone which is now three years old!

Credibility will come with use of new compressions maybe (and an EQ for playback) lets hope Android 2.2 gives us a phone to be really proud of.
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