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Help htc desire web browser


Oct 24, 2010
Hi guys new to the HTC desire. Originally an iPhone user but glad I made the change to the other side.
Anyhow I'd like to share a problem with you and I hope I can get some good feedback from you guys.
My problem relates to the web browser that is shipped with the phone. On a daily basis I use my internet banking with (lloyds tsb .
If I connect to this using WiFi all is well but 9 times out of 10 when I need to use my internet banking I've not got WiFi,so I can only use either 3g,gprs;edge or hsdpa ,but this is where my problem starts. I can navigate to lloydsstsb.co.UK fine and select personal banking but soon as I imputed my password and username and select log in the web page just hangs then eventually stops,iv never managed yet to log in using the phones internet connection.
O2 have told me all the settings are fine there end.
This really annoys me that I can't get at my internet banking,my old iPhone could do this but why not the desire ?

Any help will be great


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