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Root HTC desire Z , unrooting , and camera problems (maybe bricked)


May 14, 2011
Hey everyone,

I've got a couple of problems with my desire z phone i'm afraid :(
I hope one of you can help me.

Lately i've rooted my phone about week ago , and which went well , but today i noticed my camera was broken , not litterly broken but i receive rainbow colors while trying to take a picture or video , this is not a camera effect i already checked that , i also tried other camera apps which didn't help either. so it's for sure broken.

So i was planning to bring my phone back but before i can do that i have to unroot my phone... which is where the other problems begin. I tried to unroot my phone by using 1.34 PC10IMG.zip file to get my stock rom back and update it , but unfortunately that wasn't possible anymore somehow. it wont detect my PC10IMG.zip file in hboot , where it normally should find it and ask for update. then i tried a other way , to recover my 1.34 rom i backed-up 1 week ago but unfortunately that didn't work either because once i recovered it by clockwork it just freezes at the boot screen when rebooting after recover. btw: the this recovery worked previously but not anymore :/

I was wondering why this would happen because previously i was able to use 1.34 PC10IMG.zip to use it for when i was rooting my phone.
My friend told me my phone could be bricked? , because i used a wrong unrooting desire z guide , which made me install a G2 rom. which is this guide >>>> How To Unroot T-Mobile G2 / HTC Desire Z [Complete Guide]

Could it be that why it's not detecting my 1.34 PC10IMG? i removed the rom afterwars and went back to my MIUI rom which i am currently on now.

Sorry for the long story , i just wanted to tell everything what i've done so far in details to make things more clearly.

I really hope someone can help me!


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