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HTC Droid Eris


Dec 22, 2010
UGH! Does anyone know how to DELETE a bookmark on an HTC Droid Eris? I usually like to research and find answers to questions like this on my own but I couldn't even find the answer in the manual and I'm getting a little frustrated. (Meaning I'm going to toss this against a concrete wall)
Yes Steven. I did try that with no results on this end. Thank you for the reply. I like this phone, but I believe I am going to grab a Droid Bionic when they become available. Anyone have an early opinion on that phone?

Also: Thank you Martimus.

You're welcome!

I'm betting that the Droid Bionic is going to be an awesome phone. Dual core processor with expandable memory and "load it if you want it" Motoblur... Woot! If my contract were closer to being up I think I'd consider trading up to the Bionic... :D
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