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HTC Hero Bouncing Keyboard [Help]

Hey guys. Just a quick question...

Had this since day 1..I think loll...

When you press the 'google search button' on your Hero it takes you to the Browser.. I then turn it in landscape mode to get a bigger keyboard. As soon as I press any of the keyboard buttons the keyboard bounces up and down..thus you can't type properly..

Others have this problem too...

Is there a fix for this and is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Otherwise I love my Hero. 10/10 :D

HTC Hero White UK Sim Free
ROM = Latest HTC
Not rooted / Modded / NO Apps2SD

"Hit serach button (when on homescreen) and a box comes up on homescreen.."
I replicated what you guys are doing and that's fine..but that's not the steps I took to find this 'bug' though...

Try this:-
Open Browser
Click on google search button on Hero
Rotate the phone to landscape mode & try and type
It should bounce.

Let me know

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I'm not able to replicate this bug (not that I want to)... what exactly are you doing? I opened my browser and then hit the search key on the phone then rotated to landscape and it typed normally.

Hmm. You are doing what we did to replicate the bug.. that's weird..

2. Search key
3. Rotate.
4. Type (But keyboard bounces)

Well I guess you have a bug-free phone.. could be down to a app or something?
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I am unable to replicate the 'bouncy keyboard' following the steps you posted. The only issue I find with the landscape keyboard is the slight lag, although this seems intermittent.

Either you have a bug free phone or you have a Sprint Hero. But since you are posting in the normal HTC Hero forum I guess you don't have a Sprint hero do you? :p

Could be down to an app we all have installed but some people don't...

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