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HTC Hero: Make SuperDial Default??


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Nov 30, 2009
Cingular South HTC Hero.

So I downloaded SuperDial a week or two ago, and have played with it on and off since then, and have decided I like it better than the stock Dialer application.

But now that I've made that decision, I can't seem to make it the default dialer. After first downloading it, I recall having an option of which dialer to make default. I even selected SuperDial at one time, and then subsequently cleared the default in settings/applications/manage applications so that I could compare the default dialer again.

But now I don't get an option of which to make default. When I look in the manage applications list, there are no defaults set for either Dialer or SuperDial.

What gives? How do I stop the stock dialer from being default now?

I even uninstalled and reinstalled SuperDial, with no change. Any suggestions?
I don't see "phone" in the managed applications list. I see an app called "Dialer" and I see "com.android.telephone..." (can't see the end).

In taskmanager 1.11 or whatever, I see "Phone" as a running app when it's open, and that's how it is listed in the application list. But I don't see that in the managed applications list in settings.

So... how in the heck do I change the default? I swear I was given that option when I first installed SuperDial, but now the option is gone and I don't know how to get it back, short of perhaps resetting the phone to factory settings across the board?
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The HTC dialer/contacts app was the coolest one i've used, I wish I could get it on my Moment. Why don't you like it?

Because keypresses lag and I don't know if I've hit a number or not. And because the "0" is too close to the call button, and I am constantly hitting "call" in the middle of dialing a number. And because it lags updating the recent call list and I select one entry only to find out it dialed another. And because it doesn't show me when a call was placed or received, so far as I can tell.

SuperDial seems much better, if only I could use it.
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Something's not right. Whenever I install a new dialer, it asks me which one to make default. the dialer in integrated with sense. do you maybe have to reset the defaults on sense to get the option of dialers?
I had that option when I first installed it but now i don't. I think I lost it after making the stock dialer default. Now I'm stuck with it. I've considered resetting factory defaults but don't know how much i might lose.
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I don't know what app I had installed that I thought would supplant the stock dialer, but after downloading a couple that seemed to be phone replacement apps I found that Fast Call did the trick. Now I have the option to make any of the myriad dialers I've installed default.

I'm guessing I should never set the stock phone app as default again? Man. What a pain. The problem is that I can't find it in the managed apps list, so I can't clear the default behavior. Has HTC or Google hidden it in the list because it is so integral to what makes a phone a phone and they don't want people messing with it? A better solution would be nice, but for now at least I'm back to being able to make calls without pulling out my hair.

BTW... just ran into the QuickFind quirk in FireFox and couldn't type an apostrophe into the reply box on this forum. What a pain. Resizing the window made the behavior go away, for now at least. What a crazy thing to have on by default... and I wonder what I did a few minutes ago that somehow triggered it?
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