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Help HTC Hub Unable to Connect [Resolved]

Whenever I try to connect, I get this. Anyone else having trouble connecting?
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So, long story short.. I had to perform a factory reset on my HTC 4G Evo LTE last night.

I'm in the process of reinstalling all my apps and basically putting everything back together. One of the apps I'm looking for is the "Flashlight" app, which is supposedly available through "HTC Hub". What's troubling me is that there are about 5 apps listed in it. The one I'm looking for is not listed. In the upper left, it shows "HTC Hub / Featured", which leads me to believe that some option that is not available in the UI is showing me only "Featured Apps" and no other. I've tried clearing the data for the HTC Hub app in the apps listing, but the button where I'd normally expect it is grayed out.

Yes, I'm logged in with the same HTC Sense account that I created the first time around, I even tried removing that account and creating a new one. No change.

At kind of a loss here. Can anyone provide any more suggestions? Thanks!
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That is correct. I CAN log in to HTC Hub. I have added and removed the account. I have even done the "Sync" option from "Accounts and Sync". It looks like it does a sync, but almost instantaneously suggesting to me, it was blocked or the query to refresh failed. Not sure.

I'm at a loss here to provide further diagnostic information. Willing to get crazy about looking (like installing stuff on my computer that uses the USB Debugging connection, but not sure if that's possible nor have I the first clue how to go about it.)

Looks like my post was moved to this post, but I'm not sure that it's relevant. I think there are other issues at play here. Can it be put back under it's own post?
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this thread deals with htc hub and being unable to connect, for now lets keep it here. :)

this sounds like an HTC issue and is not local to your phone. you need to open up a ticket with HTC.

if you are able to connect to data and surf the internet from your handset, this rules out sprint.

can you log into htc watch? any errors there?

And one more time, before opening up a ticket with HTC, just humor me...

Remove both the "HTC ACCOUNT" and "HTC WATCH" accounts. re-add them both, then do a resync on the HTC HUB account...
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