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Help HTC Inspire 4G Address Book

I've had my Inspire(tm) for a while and my contacts are a complete mess thanks to all of the "sync" and "cross link" and "fritter" and "bird book" and other sources of names+numbers that have loaded themselves auto-magically into my PEOPLE app.

There is a feature that I think is called "linking." In addition, there are various ways to have more than one phone associated with a single person. It seems that "linking" finds matching details among various people and ties the contacts together. At one level, this is fine when I enter a person's name and linking finds their Fritter and Bird Book accounts. However, it is a real mess when it collects all of the contacts that work for a common company and make a mashup of all those details. Spread this across everyone I thought I knew, and ...

[hightlight]... you get a complete mess ...

Feeling similar pain,
~~~ 0;-Dan
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I just bluetoothed my wifes over from her iphone and everything saved to the phone, mine was transferd via gmail and I have had contacts vannish..it's that facebook sync thing I think..I dissabled that to sync anymore..

If they didnt all transfer via your sim card, they are probally saved to your phone..

once you have a mess, is there some way to clean it up other than
edit each contact?

Can someone recommend a really good, feature rich contact manager and address book app?

~~~ 0;-Dan
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