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HTC Mail Memory Leak Fix?


Nov 5, 2011
I unfortunately have the HTC Mail app memory leak. It's staying around 90MB regardless of what I do inside the app: I've deleted all the mail; cleaned all the inboxes, outboxes, trash folders, etc; even gone as far to delete my email accounts off of the app. It stills stays at 90MB.

Now I know this has been a known issue for some people. After searching far and wide on internet, I haven't seem to come across a definitive solution.

So my question, is there is a definitive way to fix the issue without having to factory reset the phone? And if I do have to factory reset the phone, what are the best methods/apps to use to save all my data/contacts/preferences/apps/etc.?

Thanks in advance.
I have an EVO 4G, and the 90MB concerns me because with all my accounts removed from the app, the app should not still contain 90MB of anything, plus it's giving me the "low internal memory" message which essentially makes the phone unable to properly function.

I know a lot of people haven't had these issues, but enough have for it to be a known issue; a simple Google search will show you.

I was just looking for a definite cure, since no one seems to have a step-by-step process to fixing it.
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A Google will confirm that HTC has yet to fix this known bug as "jumi" stated!

Here's how I reclaimed memory on two HTC Aria's running Android 2.2.2

*Go to Settings - Applications -Manage applications select "running apps"
*Use Menu to select "sort by size" and you'll probably see "Mail" by HTC at the top of the list! Select it.
*Details of the memory usage will be displayed
*Select "Clear Data" Note the warning that all settings will be deleted, so be sure that you know all your mail account settings before proceeding as they will be required to re-setup your mail accounts.
* The process takes several seconds to run and then you'll see the memory usage go to zero.
* Exit, go back to your home screen, select Mail and re-setup your mail accounts.

Problem solved until the leak, some say caused by the application not properly releasing memory used by attachments, again builds memory usage to the point where you begin to get "low memory" warnings or HTC finally decides to fix this problem. (Don't hold you breath....it's been there since at least 2010!)
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