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HTC Sync issues


Android Expert
Nov 12, 2009
Is anyone having issues with HTC Sync and the phone not being able to find it on the computer? I've used it before, but today it doesn't want to find it on my computer. I uninstalled sync from the computer, and reinstalled it, even tried a hard reset on my phone, still no go.

Any ideas? Or am I just an idiot and doing something wrong?
Windows or Mac?

Vista, XP, 7.....?

I'm running Windows 7, but I've synced with this computer before. I just keep getting an error on my phone that it's not finding HTC sync on my computer

edit: looks like I have to find the driver for the phone on my computer and delete it, then reinstall it by hooking up the phone, read in an unrelated thread that it should help: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=583838&page=2
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