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Help Huawei G7500

Hello everybody,
I have a Huawei G7500 which I can't find the forum on, so I posted this in the Huawei Ascend one. I can't find anyway to update it, I tried going to online upgrade and searching for an available upgrade, but it turns out Huawei hasn't gone to make updates for my phone yet. I then tried to look for customised roms, but they require rooting, which I also cannot find because for some reason I can't even find my own phone on the internet. It's like my phone model doesn't exist or something.
Please help ):
Yes I can't find much info on my phone Huawei G7500 and I would be interested if anyone has had issues with the memory storage.

Yeah. I've tried a 32gig card, keeps unmounting after 10 minutes or so. With the 4gig + internal, keeps saying I have no room when everything indicates it is fine for space. Was wanting root access so as to delete half the bloated aps and try to free some up

EDIT: I've just sent an email through to their tech support asking why does it not exist even on their own website. Assuming I get a real response, I will ask about root access as it is sorta needed as this phone supports so little, going to need to do http://www.howtogeek.com/138500/the...g-incompatible-android-apps-from-google-play/ just to use simple government apps.
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Right, so the lovely customer support person just sent me the users manual that came with the freaking phone. Now having more issues - with all possible apps removed, all app data cleared and everything stripped, still is extremely short on memory and will not let me do anything until i clear room.

EDIT: Found a phone support line, going to call them on Monday.
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hello have a huawei G7500 and im unable to acess internet . have gone to settings and still not able to use the internet ? any ideas

Ensure Data Switch is on nad APN settings are correct.
Google "APN Setting provider" <- where provider is your mobile service provider.

For my country (Australia) we have APNs | Ausdroid
but I don't use that anyway :D
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