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Help Huawei M2-801L problem/flash firmware problem

I am having issues with my Huawei M2-801L. I have tried doing a complete reset and everything with no avail.

So basically when I start the tablet, it brings up a white screen, I can't press the home button or anything, I can't swipe on the screen, only thing that works is me pressing the home button to shut it down.

It also keeps rebooting itself.

See image attached.

I tried to flash firmware on to Huawei MediaPad M2-801L.

I have a number of issues:
  • Can't get into device to enable Developer Options, there is a firmware problem not allowing me to do this.
  • I don't have an unlocked bootloader
  • Using fastboot commands to flash device keeps giving me this error: FAILED (remote: 'Command not allowed'). (I have installed Android Studio, and I am doing the commands within the "platform_tools" folder, with the relevant files to flash the device with).
  • I have even tried to install twrp with no avail
I have researched the internet for hours yesterday, trying different methods to try and get my tablet back up and running again. Every method I tried, I seemed to bump into many errors along the way.

I can get into fastboot mode and download mode. I have tried using QFIL, however I don't have a RawProgram and Patch file.

Is there something I'm missing? Can anyone guide me in the right direction if possible?

Thanks in advance!
You have to stop trying things. They could brick your device without knowing what you are doing.

If you can get to download mode you should be able to flash a firmware update. But I'm not familiar with Chinese devices so I don't know how they flash firmware update. Samsung allows you to use a program called Odin to flash updates as long as you can get to download mode. Huawei may have a program similar, but I'm not sure.
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