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Root Huge slowdown and laggy all of a sudden!! :(


Mar 26, 2011
I am using BAMF 1.6.3 (I know, old). But i have been using it for a while now and all has been fine. However, just yesterday, for no reason (no new apps or anything, no new settings) my Thunderbolt became INCREDIBLY slow. Everything now VERY laggy, almost to the point where I can't hardly use it. Doesn't matter what it is, scrolling, opening apps, new browser windows, even clicking on an icon there is a terrible lag (I press it, THEN it highlights, THEN it starts to open, which can take like 10 seconds). Trying to type (texts, emails, whatever) is almost unbearable. I can type like 3 words before they show up on the screen.

What happened and what can I do?
does a reboot fix it?
sounds like something is running in the backgrouns sucking up processing power. i know once in a while i will leave tune-in radio on in the background and i notice a little lag...couple that with a live wallpaper and the phone is almost un-useable.

if a reboot doesn't fix it, i would suggest a full wipe and maybe flashing the ROM again...or better yet, flashing the latest Das Bamf or other ROM based on the latest GB leak.
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Ok. I cleare# the dalvik cache. It did not work. I didnt clear anything else because the only other thing i could find in the recovery menu was "wipe cache partition" and i wasnt sure if thats what you were talking about.

any other ideas?

yes, wipe cache partitions. just if that doesn't fix it, i would say wipe data, and either flash the ROM again, or try another ROM. very weird issue.
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