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I am confused about my "almost" rooted phone.


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Nov 19, 2023
So, this is the first time I'm rooting a phone, but I am stuck. I:
  • Downloaded Odin
  • Flashed TWRP, vbmeta, and Disable Dm-Verity ForceEncrypt.
  • Did a data wipe on TWRP
  • Installed Magisk
But, I couldn't boot into the system. I get the normal boot screen, with this message:

The phone is not running Samsung's official software. You may have problems with features or security. and you won't be able to install software updates.

Now this is normal for a basic rooted phone, according to many sources. But, it stays on that screen until I force shut it down (Power + Volume up and down, then boot to TWRP and shut it down).

This phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. It can still be put into download mode, this just happens when I try to boot the system up.
Any ideas? Please let me know!
I did "format data" and it didn't work.
Then, I factory reset after I found out that it didn't work.
you are going to have to flash a firmware update(stock rom) and start over.
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