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Help I can't answer my frigging phone!

Details: I use the default phone app on my Motorola One 5g Ace. Lately, I can't figure out how to answer an incoming call when I'm using another app. I used to be able to find the app and answer it, although never easily.

As info, I can't move ANY of the settings/phone/notification switches to active after opening the phone app under recently sent notifications, excepting for the Advanced/Allow Notification dot. AND one category is deleted, but I'm not told which one.

Also, I'm unable to delete the app so that I can download a refreshed version.
I have an answer - Do Not Disturb was on! After some noodling around, I see that when I pull down the Conversations and Notifications from the top of the screen, the top row (however I refer to the top row) has a round circle with a dash in the middle that is either lit up as blue or not lit up as blue. When it's blue, Do Not Disturb is activated.

By my lights, a round circle with a dash in it is not intuitively obvious as indicating a Do Not Disturb button. If Waze, which google owns, can get rid of its thumbs up or thumbs down hands buttons to press when, say, the police are still there or not there, then they can find a more intuitively obvious Do Not Disturb icon in Phone.

That Do Not Disturb activation is only the least obvious of many buttons, toggles or apps that can activate while I'm listening to podcasts while walking with my phone in one of my pockets.
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