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I can't get rid of an old gmail address when I compose a new message.


Android Enthusiast
Jun 29, 2010
I have an old email address that I'm trying to delete when I compose a new email. I went into contacts and changed the email address. When I tried to compose, both the old and the new appeared. I tried every trick I could find from Google on how to get rid of the old address. Nothing worked.

Finally I decided to delete the contact altogether and start over. I did that, and the new address no longer appears, but the old address still does. I have deleted the cache, did a force quit on the app, and even restarted my phone.

There must be some way to delete the address when I compose a new email, but I am totally lost on what might work. Other than buying a new phone and starting from scratch, can anyone suggest a solution? I am totally mystified.


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