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I can't read screen information, please help

marc kirk

Dec 10, 2022
Hi all. I hope someone can help me. I have a problem that the information dialogue bubble (not sure of its real name) shows up on my screen as white text on a white background. I can't find where the settings are to correct it and can't find info from searching the web. The attached picture shows what i mean.... Basically i never know what any of those dialogue boxes ever say. Thanks in advance.


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I would, and maybe will... However this is actually the third phone to do it. When i upgrade the phone and copy everything across it seems to migrate with all the settings. I guess what I'm after is a clue to what are those "bubbles" called to maybe find the settings for them. It's just one of those annoying things I've had to put up with and it would take longer from a reset to start from scratch than to change the setting, and that's why I've put up with it. Sounds petty i know, but i had a feeling you guys might have seen it all before. Thank you for your suggestions though, it's appreciated
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Not knowing just what phone you have nor which version of Android it may be running it's hard to be more specific but it seems like you just need to change either the message box color or the text color in your phone's UI. Try opening up the Settings menu and in the upper search bar type in color
In the results there should be an option that will allow you change the color of one or the other, or both.
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Ok I'll give as much info as i can. The first phone was a Huawei mate 20 pro. How i remember it was that it was running Android 11 and there was the hype about dark mode being released. I think it was an update to android 12, and then i switched to dark mode. I think it was around that time that the writing turned white in the captions. Soon after that i moved to a pixel 4 on Android 12 which ended up updating to 13, all the time with the same symptom. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, i upgraded to pixel 7 pro, android 13. Each upgrade was a data migration from one phone to the next (so yes, i get that a factory reset and a new start would probably fix). I'm in no way a developer, or even a tinkerer, just a plain old user. Sounds like I've intrigued a couple of you, so I'll try your suggestions just to see if it leads to a win and some knowledge.
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Defaulted all settings in browser and main UI off dark mode and no change.

You said earlier,"When i upgrade the phone and copy everything across it seems to migrate with all the settings."

At this point I would just do a factory reset and NOT transfer any data over. Start fresh. Just my two cents.
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