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I have a confusing issue...

I am 138

Oct 22, 2009
Hopefully someone can help me out here, its more annoying than anything, but it still hinders my use of the phone.

After about a day of use, my home button stops working completely, also when the screen is blank and a call comes in, it will not give me the option to answer unless I unlock the phone, it doesn't even show that there is a call, just rings and makes the screen blink. The odd thing about this is that the two seem to go hand in hand. If I restart, all is well for a day or two, then it acts up again.

Any suggestions?
I've been playing around with it for a while now and I think I found a simple solution.

It only seems to do it when the phone falls asleep (goes blank or whatever) while in a screen other than the home. Once someone calls in that situation it goes crazy for some reason. If I make sure to always go to the home screen before I lock it, the problem never seems to re surface.

Odd stuff...
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