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I have no use for multiview it seems

I have had my Note II a while now - and I have no use for multiview it seems.
I just never use it.
It is actually in the way with the bump intruding on the screen a few centimeters.
I deactivated it in the settings.
Maybe it should be a longpress option or something so it is not intrusive.
Does anyone actually use this feature?
(just showing off the phone does not count as actual usefulness).

The two halves are not big enough once you have something running in each.
Maybe I am odd- but I have no reason to use it.
Do you?
Use it quite frequently. Especially, when I'm at lunch and multiple emails are coming in from work and text messages from friends/family. Most people that know me, know that the easiest way to get in touch with me during the day is via email/text (usually don't have the time to talk, unless it's with clients).

I'll read through the multiple texts and emails quicker when I have them side-by-side, vs. opening them individually.

Helps even more when I have to view a video, while not wanting to close the email completely. I use pop-up video on top of the multi-window (that has emails and text messages up) and it's the ideal situation for my multi-tasking needs. I love the function and even if I don't do the XDA mod making more apps compatible, it's still awesome for my needs.

I've also used it in meetings where I've been asked a question about a certain email that came through, but also have to jot down some notes. Even though it's a little small for notes, it's big enough to serve the purpose at the time...eventually, I'll be using the 7inch+ Note Tablet for meetings though, so better that I get used to using the multi-window multi-tasking now, so doing it on a tablet will be smooth sailing.
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