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Root I made a big mistake.


Jul 13, 2013
Alright, I need all the help I can get. This is probably going to be confusing to read the first few times.

I rooted and S-off'ed my HTC EVO V 4G. Simple stuff. I flashed on the WILD CARD HD ROM. However, I had no idea that it was an Evo 3D rom for Sprint. Not knowing this, I had successfully flashed and installed the rom. All nice and cozy. Installed a bunch of apps, went out for starbucks. Sent and received texts, even called a few people.

I unlocked my phone about 40 minutes later to it updating its own profile. I figured I'd let it do it's thing. Next thing I know my phone has no service.

Under Network, I have:

Operator name: Unknown.
Signal Strenth: 0
Mobile Network Type: Unknown.
Service State: Out of Service
Roaming: Not Roaming.

My MEID is here, my IMSI is here, and I even still have my phone number listed under phone identity, but I for some reason have no cell service whatsoever.

Can anyone help me get my service back? Or should I just get a new phone?
Did harmonia fail on flash or what? Your best bet is to update profile and prl from a stockish Rom

No no, I meant that Harmonia flashed correctly and all that, but the profile update failed. I don't have any service for it to get a profile from; it's still all listed as unknown.

edit: under "Mobile Network" it says "Disconnected because service is unavailable."
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