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I need advice regarding android development


I'm a web developer and I run several websites. Along with that, I had 3 developer accounts 200+ apps on google play store where I used webview feature of android and deploy apps on android play store. But suddenly, Google banned all my apps of one developer account because all apps had similar designs. A few weeks later, Google suspended my other two developer accounts because they thought that other two developer accounts were associated with previously banned developer account.

My question is,

How did Google find out that all three of my developer accounts are connected?

I think following are the reasons,

- Similar identity proof
- Similar name on domain ownership proof
- Similar Adsense Unique ID

Do you think that google save any other information apart from above described information? For example, my internet MAC address or my laptop MAC address? Because, I have bought new domains and I'm planning to make new apps with newly bought domains webview where I'm going to keep the design of each app different from all the other apps.

Please share your views, I will be very thankful.

Thanks in advance.


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