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Help I need help!!


Jul 30, 2010
Can someone point me in the direction of a good guide to set up this phone? I upgraded to this from my Evo today and I am about to tear my hair out!!
I am not so technical, but I managed to set up my Evo to my liking with the help of the board. I can follow directions. My phone did not have a user guide, was it supposed to?
-somehow I have over 1200 pics on my phone that Best Buy transferred from my Evo - only about 50 of them are actual pics that I want to keep. How to I delete them from my phone? I have tried hooking it up to USB storage and trying to delete but I can delete them off my computer and it doesn't "sync" with the phone.
-How do I put music for ringtones on the phone? I was previously using Ringo lite for ringtones.
-How many home screemns are there? I can't even tell!
-Is there a list somewhere of settings you can set to save your battery? I used ot before and it helped for my Evo.

I feel like I am flying blind here!!

Thanks, Suzy


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