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I Think It's Odd


Apr 26, 2010
The Hero got the 2.1 update which is a downloadable 118MB "FULL" ROM...not an upgrade. It wipes the phone but no big deal.

Both HTC and Sprint have it for Hero jockeys to download. They flash the phone like anyone who has done the 2.1 leak. It was made available right away without the "OTA over 13 days" bullcrap.

I guess I'm confused since the Eris & Hero are pretty much twin phones hardware wise. Why couldn't they do a complete ROM for the Eris the same way?

That would have solved any issues with hboot for the leakers...I guess I'm just curious.
I vote crap as well. The past two updates were posted to Personal Communications Devices before the OTA was available. I don't understand why this one was different.

To those who say don't whine and be patient. I'm happy with v3 and can use it till the end of my upgrade period or until Verizon has a quality LTE phone. I just think that the upgrade method was complete crap on Verizon's part.
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