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Root I Want To Start Making my first rom

Unless you want to do custom theming, 90% of your work will be done in Android Kitchen. So check the Android Kitchen original thread and go through all the details.


Once you installed Android Kitchen, next step is acquiring base rom you want to work with. You can start to modify one of LG Motion custom roms but I recommend to use Base Stock Rom or start scratch from Nandroid backup.


Next step is dissecting the base rom. Follow the Android Kitchen instruction and dissect it. Get familiarize with rom structure / sub folders and files.

At this point, don't do any theme change or heavy modification. Do a very minimal changes first by changing default launcher, adding apps, removing apps.

Complie the rom. Place it on your phone and test.

Once you get successful result, start to modify more; applying custom theme, changing install script, changing build prop.

I know this is very simple guide and I am missing many details. But for Android rom-ing and theme-ing, you will have to figure out many stuff yourself. It involves lots of googleing and reading various forum posts and blogs all over the internet. Of course it requires numerous failed trials with your phone also.

Good luck!
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