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I wonder if I got a dud?


Jul 7, 2011
I just got a Commando yesterday. I have had a few issues. The first one is that somehow it downloaded almost 500 pictures from my computer. I don't know how, wifi was off and it wasn't connected to the computer. I can not find anyway to delete these photos. The directions say to hit the menu button then click delete, but I only see share there. When I attached it to the computer, it doesn't show those pictures anywhere so I assume they are on the internal memory.

The other weird thing (sofar) is that every time I go to text it asks me what kind of keyboard I want to use. I have set it in the settings and in the texting, but it always asks, me. I despise extra keystrokes. The swiping thing doesn't seem to work either.

My battery went dead in 2 hours too. I know that with my type s, the first time I charged it, it only lasted a day but after a few charges it was lasting 3 weeks. (still lasts over a week at 4 years old), so I am hoping this will improve.


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