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Icons disappear on all homescreens


Nov 13, 2009
So, I've done the searching and nothing has solved my problem and the last time this was brought as far as I can tell was back in December.

My issue is that there is no consistent time when this happens. Sometimes it happens as I unlock the homescreen, as I'm exiting out of an application, as I rotate the screen, and even as I'm shifting between home screens. It also happens randomly based off of my last reset. Since it started (about a month ago) it has happened as long as 3 days after my last reset and sometimes as soon as 20 minutes after.

I've tried installing the Home++ application but that did not solve the problem either.

Does anyone know of a setting or way to bring the icons back without having to reset the phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I had similar problems on my Droid. This was true with 2.0 as well as with 2.1. It happened infrequently enough that I haven't found a pattern as to when the home screen icons disappeared. Once they do, I can't figure out a way to get them back other than to power it off. Once re-booted, everything is back to normal.
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This happens to me as well. Happened infrequently on 2.0.1 but on 2.1 it happens nearly weekly. I've never found a pattern to it as well. I recently got a refurb phone to replace my old phone with bad headphone jack, and it does it as well. Doesn't seem to be device specific.

Happens to me too. But, to avoid rebooting, I go into settings --> applications --> manage applications (hit menu button and select filter and choose "running" option) and select the Home application and kill it (force stop). This brings back the icons for me.

Thanks I'll try this. I hate rebooting the phone.
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